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How old is your cat really?

That a cat or dog does not live to be 70 years old is generally known. But how old is a cat in human years? Often the rule is brought up that you have to multiply their age by 7 to calculate the age in human years. But actually this is not entirely accurate. Did you know.

Age of your cat in human years.

The fact that you would like to convert your cat's age into human years is not surprising. After all, it helps you understand what your pet's behavior means and what health risks you need to consider. If you multiply the age of your cat, as is often said, by 7, then you are not taking into account a lot of aspects that do have an effect on the health of your cat.

 One helpful tip we'll give you: Equate the end of your cat's first year of life to 15 human years and the end of its second year of life to 24 human years. After that you add 4 human years each time so it goes as follows

Child (birth - 4 months)

0 - 1 month (cat) = 1 year (human)
2 month = 2 years
3 month = 4 years
4 month = 6 years

Junior (5 month - 1 year)

5 months = 8 years
6 months = 10 years
7 months = 12 years
12 months = 15 years

Adult (1 - 6 years)

18 months = 21 years
2 years = 24 years
3 years = 28 years
4 years = 32 years
5 years = 36 years
6 years = 40 years

Senior (7-10 years)

7 years = 44 years
8 years = 48 years
9 years = 52 years
10 years = 56 years

Senior (11-14 years)

11 years = 60 years
12 years = 64 years
13 years = 68 years
Age 14 years = 72 years

Senior (15 years and older)

15 years = 76 years
16 years = 80 years
Age 17 = 84 years
18 years = 88 years
19 years = 92 years
20 years = 96 years
21 years = 100 years

6 stages of life of your cat

As you can see, there are 6 stages in the life of a cat depending on its age. These 6 stages have an effect on the development of your cat and its health. 

Child: 0 to 4 months

Your kitten grows and develops very quickly 

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Junior: 5 months to 1 year

Your cat is fully grown and learns many things in its environment such as how to behave

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Adult: 1 year to 6 years

Your cat is now fully grown and is generally healthy and active. 

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Senior: 7 years to 10 years

As soon as your cat reaches the age of 7, you have a real senior running around the house. Now they have an increased risk of aging diseases such as arthritis or kidney disease. From the age of 7 you should visit the vet regularly or at least have a yearly health check done by the vet.

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Old age: 11 years to 14 years

From the age of 11 your cat has an increased risk of health problems. Cats also don't often show when they are suffering from something. Visit your veterinarian regularly to make sure your cat is not having any discomfort.

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Senior citizens: 15 years and older

Give your cat a happy old age with the highest possible quality of life. Have your veterinarian monitor your cat's health preferably every quarter

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Annual checkup at the vet

As you've read above, cats can develop serious health problems starting at age 7. & cats are masters at hiding their pain or discomfort. Therefore, it is important to recognize signs of pain and be aware that not every condition is immediately visible in a cat. A periodic or at least annual checkup at the veterinarian can help address unpleasant ailments or diseases early. That recurring checkup is recommended if your cat is 7 years old or older. Do you doubt that something is wrong with your cat? Then it is best to contact your veterinarian immediately.

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