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About Delcon
About Delcon
Why Delcon?

Why you should choose Delcon? That's a good question that we can give you a comprehensive answer to! At Delcon Petfood, we strive to be an icon of true quality within the professional world of premium pet food, both for your dog and cat. Our food is formulated with great care. It is composed only of the most refined ingredients. This way we obtain the healthiest food you can be proud to give to your beloved four-legged friend. 

We love our four-legged friends very much and only want the best for them. That is why our food is rich in meat, because animal proteins are so important for your pet. The prebiotics in Delcon support a good intestinal flora and therefore an optimal digestion. In addition, Delcon is known to have a very high acceptance with good digestion and limited stools as a result. Natural antioxidants ensure that the quality of the ingredients in Delcon are maintained. Delcon contains only the highest quality ingredients including human grade salmon oil which supports the overall health of your dog and cat.

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Where can I find the composition of the food?

You can find the composition of each type of dog or cat food on our website and webshop as well as on the back of your food bag. If you have any additional questions about the composition of the food, please send an email to

Do you have foods that are suitable for puppies and young dogs?

Yes it is! Delcon puppy is suitable for all types of puppies. With Delcon Puppy you choose for complete nutrition that supports a stable growth of your dog from the start. High in proteins and fats Delcon Puppy contains all the nutrients your new housemate needs to get through the first months of life in a healthy and balanced way and to build up the immunity system.

We also don't forget the young dogs between +/- 6 months and 1,5 years! Delcon Junior is the perfect food for the transition from puppy food to an adult variety. In this phase of life it is very important to build up the muscle mass in the right way, as well as to ensure that the constitution and joints get their final shape in a balanced way. This pellet contains all the necessary nutrients to support growth in a stable way.

When should you switch should you switch from Delcon Puppy to Delcon Junior?

How long can your dog be on puppy food?

  • For small breeds: 1-12 months
  • For medium breeds: 1-8 months
  • For large breeds: 1-6 months

Note: small breeds may switch immediately to adult food after 12 months.

If your dog is around 6-8 months depending on the size of the breed, it's time to switch to Delcon Junior.

How do you read the Delcon nutrition table?

For puppies:

In the left table you find the weight your puppy will have when it is an adult (e.g. a boxer puppy weighs about 25kg as an adult). Then look at how old your puppy is at this time, in the row below you will see how many meals your puppy can eat per day. Until they are 6 months old, divide the amount over 3 meals. Later you can switch to 2 meals. At recommended quantity you can see how many grams your pup can eat per DAY. Divide this amount over the number of meals your pup is allowed to eat.

For adult dogs:

In the table on the left you see the weight of your dog. In the first row on the right you see the activity level of your dog. Look at the weight of your dog and his activity level, how many grams your dog may eat per day. This weight you may then divide over 2 meals.

Shipping and returns
Shipping and returns
What are the delivery times and costs?

When an order is placed, the package goes in the mail the next business day.

Delivery costs

Orders below € 60: shipping costs of € 3,95 Orders above € 60: free shipping

Can I still change the address of my order?

If you want to make a change to the address, please contact us by email: We will see at that time what can be modified.

From where will my order be shipped?

All orders are shipped from our headquarters in Belgium.

Can I return a package?

If you want to return an order, you have 14 days to do so (the 14 days start from the moment of purchase). Once these 14 days have passed we can no longer offer a refund or exchange.

If you wish to return your order, please email the support team at, stating the order number and reason for return. They will handle this case further. Please allow 14 days for the return to be verified and for any refund to be processed.

To return your product, please send it to: Delcon, meersbloem report 26, oudenaarde 9700, Belgium. You are responsible for paying the shipping costs of returning your item. The shipping costs are not refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of the return shipment will be deducted from your refund.

Do I need to create an account to place an order?

No, it is certainly not a necessity. It is, however, a possibility if, for example, you want to keep track of your orders over time in an easy way.

How can I subscribe to the newsletter?

Quite simply, you can register through this link:

What does a test package entail?

With a test pack for dog you receive a bag of dog food of your choice of 3kg, a dog snack and a measuring cup for the price of €12.95*.

*For a test pack of Delcon Hypoallergenic you pay €18,95

With the test package for cats you receive a bag of cat food of your choice of 1.75 kg, a can of wet cat food and a measuring cup for the price of €12.95

Can I order multiple test packs?

No, everyone is entitled to 1 test package.

How does the subscription work?
  • Upon starting your subscription, as usual
    go to your feed on the website and choose'buy online'. Then choose
    for 'subscribe and save 10%'.
  • Choose every how many weeks or months you want a
    order. You can change this later in your account. Then add this
    to your cart and complete your order as
  • Would you like to make adjustments to your subscription?
    Then do this through your profile (on the leg in the upper right
    corner). There you can adjust the variety or frequency in your
    subscription, or skip an order, pause or stop your
    subscription if you wish.
Can I pause my subscription?

Feel free to skip some shipments or put your subscription on pause.

Changes to your subscription are made through your profile (bullet in the upper right corner with the paw in it). Once you are in your account, you will see the "manage subscription" button and click on "view more details." On the right side, you can choose "skip order. Or if you prefer to pause your subscription then scroll down and you will see a "pause subscription" button. This way you have paused the subscription and you can reactivate it whenever you want.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. You do this through your profile (bullet in the upper right corner with the paw in it). Once you are in your account, you will see the "manage subscription" button and you will see the "cancel subscription" button

Can I switch varieties within the same subscription

You can feel free to switch types of food within your subscription. You do not have to enter into a new subscription for this.

You can change your subscription in your profile. There you can choose to 'swap products' or add another product via 'add to subscription'.


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