Treats for your dog

 Why Delcon's dog treats?

Your dog deserves to be pampered once in a while. With the emphasis on delicious! There is nothing tastier than Delcon dog treats. Dogs and puppies just love dog treats that smell and taste great. That's why we have 3 different flavors in our dog treats: Salmon, duck and lamb, something for everyone! Our dog treats are 100% made in Belgium. Our dog treats contain no grains and also have a high meat content! Hypoallergenic and grain free, you can reward your dog without worries with our treats. At Delcon we only want the very best for your dog that's why we provide the best, tastiest and healthiest snacks for your dog.

Hypoallergenic dog treats

Something definitely worth mentioning is that our dog treats are Hypoallergenic. This means that dogs who have allergies or dogs who need hypoallergenic food may also be rewarded with our snacks. Our three types of dog treats are all composed of 1 type of meat, monoprotein. We also state this on the packaging of the treats. A dog that suffers from allergies and gets the wrong food or dog treats, can have nasty consequences for your four-legged friend. So it is definitely important to adapt your food and dog treats to your dog's diet. In this way, you will ensure that you have a completely happy dog at home!

Rewards for your dog

Reward treats are essential on a training session with your dog or puppy. Use our Delcon treats to reward your dog every time he does something right. With these delicious rewards, your dog will learn everything you ask of him in no time. Our dog treats are also easy to break into smaller pieces for your pup or dog. Such a tasty little bite is quickly eaten and so your dog quickly regains full attention for his master and the training.

Order dog treats online

The customer is king, which is why we make it as easy as possible for you to buy our dog food. You have the choice of buying your dog treats in a physical store or ordering your dog treats online through our webshop. 

Because we believe that ordering dog treats online should be easy, we have made our webshop as user-friendly as possible so that customers can order the ideal dog treats.