Healthy Dental sticks for your dog

 Why the healthy dental sticks from Delcon?

Your dog deserves to have clean and healthy teeth just like his owner. That's why Delcon came up with a healthy chew that helps your dog with his oral hygiene! The Healthy Dental Chews are a 100% animal product and therefore hypoallergenic, varying in protein content between 84 and 95%, depending on the variety. Because these chews consist of a very pure form of animal skin, they have an extra effect on plaque in dogs. Moreover, they are delicious and because of their dry shape they can easily be broken and given as a snack.

Dogs love dental sticks that smell and taste delicious. That's why at Delcon we have 3 different flavors in our Chews: Cod, Horse and Deer, something for everyone!

Our Delcon Chews contains no grains, hypoallergenic and monoprotein, So you can reward your dog with our dental chews without worry. At Delcon we only want the very best for your dog, that's why we provide the best, tastiest and healthiest dental sticks for your dog.

Delcon Dental sticks online

Customer is king, that's why we make it as easy as possible for you to buy our dog food. You have the choice of purchasing your dental sticks in a physical storefront or ordering your chews online through our webshop. 

Because we think that ordering Dental Chews online should be easy, we have made our webshop as user-friendly as possible so that the customer can order the ideal Dental Sticks.