Junior dog food

Give appropriate dog food for the age of your dog

It goes without saying that you give a puppy food, but did you know that we also have food that has been specially developed for junior dogs? Because dogs at any age need a different composition of dog food. 

Delcon Junior

Delcon Junior is the perfect dog food for the transition from puppy food to an adult dog food. In this phase of life it is very important to build up muscle mass in the right way and to ensure that the constitution and joints obtain their final shape in a balanced way. This dog food contains all the necessary nutrients to support growth in a stable way.

When is it best to make the switch?

We recommend that medium breeds switch from puppy food to Delcon junior dog food at around 8 months. For large breeds you can switch to Junior dog food at 6 months. We recommend feeding this junior food until your dog is 15 to 18 months old!

Ordering dog food online

The customer is king and that is why we make it as easy as possible for you to buy our dog food. You have the choice to buy your dog food in a physical store or to order your Junior dog food online via our web shop.

Because we believe that ordering dog food online should be easy, we have made our web shop as user-friendly as possible so that the customer can order the ideal dog food.

Delcon Junior dog food sample pack

At Delcon your dog is number 1. That is why we think it is important that you can try out our natural dog food without any worries first. That is why we have developed our Delcon trial pack where you can buy 3 kg of dog food for the price of €12.95 and you will also receive a bag of Delcon dog treats. Do you have a kitten running around at home too? Then we'd love to give her a present too!

Would you like to try a Delcon trial pack: https://delcon.be/proefpakket/

What is the best way to switch from dog food?

Switching to Delcon is very smooth and easy. The best way to switch dog food is to divide it into phases. It is recommended to switch dog food in 7 days. This way your dog and his digestive system can gradually get used to the new dog food.

The first two days you give ¼ Delcon dog food mixed with ¾ of the old dog food. Always read carefully the nutrition chart on the bag of dog food, so you know perfectly the proportions you should give. On day 3 and 4 give half of each food, to day 5 and 6 give ¾ Delcon dog food and a last time ¼ of the old dog food. On day 7 (last day) switch completely to the Delcon dog food. Now you have successfully switched to Delcon dog food, congratulations!