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How can I help my senior cat?

It is sometimes hard to accept but our pets are getting older and may start struggling with age-related ailments such as decreased hearing or vision. Everyday activities increasingly become a real challenge. Fortunately, there are some methods that can help your aging cat. 

Not too much change

Try to keep changes to a minimum but sometimes such adjustments are unavoidable. E.g. moving house or changes in the family are things that disrupt your cat's routine and thus cause anxiety. Make sure that any adjustment is done slowly. That way your cat can get used to it at his pace.

Fixed routine

Routine, routine, routine. Your senior cat will benefit from this. Your cat has a daily routine, and it becomes increasingly important as your cat ages. This is because your cat can get confused more easily. By following a structured routine, they can easily predict the day ahead, which makes them feel relaxed and happy.

Provide adapted food

Delcon also has cat food that was developed specifically for senior cats. Delcon Senior ensures that senior cats get all the nutrients they need so they can live out their old age in comfort. The nutrients glucosamine and chondroitin provide optimal cartilage support, while the prebiotics lead to optimal digestion. The exquisite kibble for your senior quadruped!

Mobility decreases

Just like people, cats become less mobile as they age. But it is not because they are less mobile that their daily needs decrease. They still need to eat, drink and go to the toilet every day, but finding their way to these things can be a little more difficult for them. Make sure your cat has easy access to everything at all times such as food, water, sleeping place, litter box, etc. So putting the litter box on floor 2 is no longer an option for your cat.

Health Check

Your aging cat may therefore have to deal with some aging ailments. Consult your veterinarian if you discover any symptoms in your cat. Scheduling a regular health check is certainly not a bad idea!

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