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BLOG - Breed cat in the spotlight: British short hair - Delcon

In recent years, this breed came into the spotlight tremendously due to brilliant TV ads for cat food. It is a breed loved by many families because of their uncomplicated nature. They are friendly and quiet which makes them fit into just about any family - even when there are children or other pets in the family.

Due to their quiet nature, they are also not constantly seeking attention but rather going their own way. They also like living indoors more than roaming the streets. But beware, in situations they do not appreciate, they also show this firmly. So they sometimes dare to throw their full weight into the battle if you try to give them medication for example.

And beware: many call the breed the British Shorthair but you can leave out that "e". The breed is called British Shorthair.


- Weight range: 4 to 8 kg
- Eye color: blue, copper, gold, two different eye colors
- Expected life span: 12 - 20 years.
- Shedding tendency: average
Did you already know these 5 fun facts about the British Shorthair?

One of the most expensive cats in the world

The British Shorthair belongs to the group of the most expensive cat breeds in the world. The usual price for a kitten is generally around 350 euros, but it can go up to 1000(!) Euros. The increase in price has mainly to do with the pedigree of the kitten.

Oldest cat breed 

The British Shorthair has been around for a while, it is the oldest cat breed in Great Britain. It is told that the British Shorthair was taken by the Romans to England where they lived in isolation for a long time. Only after the World Wars was the breed bred again.

Preferably with two 

Although the British Shorthair can easily live alone, we recommend to provide him with a playmate. The cats usually just go to sleep when everyone is away from home, and wake up when they get home, which can make for a rather boring life. They will always welcome a playmate with open arms.

The British Longhair came into being by accident 

Besides the British Shorthair, there are also British Longhairs but they were not bred with intention. By crossing with the Persian cats, the British Longhair (also known as the Lowlander), the half-long variant of the British Shorthair, also came into being completely by chance.

Spectacular coat

The breed has therefore grown considerably in numbers and the number of color variations in which the British short hair occurs has also increased. Their color can be divided into as many as 5 groups:

1. The classic colors such as black, white, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream and tortie
2. The Silvers like Smoke, shaded silver, chinchilla and golden
3. The Tabbies such as spotted, macherel, blotched and ticked
4. Colourpoints
5. Particolours

Did you know that single-color kittens sometimes have a fuzzy tabby pattern in their coat? This is called ghost markings or ghost drawings. These fade back as they get older.

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