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Breed in the spotlight: The Boxer

The boxer is a rather young breed that originated in the late 19th century in Germany. Originally intended as a fighting and butchering dog, it later emerged as a beloved family pet.

Origin: Germany

  • Life expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Character: Brave, Intelligent, Loyal, Active
  • Weight: Bitch: 25-29 kg, dog: 27-32 kg
  • Height: Female: 53-60 cm, male: 57-63 cm
  • Colors: White, Brindle, Light Brown

The Boxer at a Glance

This athletically built dog will make every effort to become part of the family. He is active and very energetic, all days he is ready for a new adventure. It is a must to always provide your boxer with enough mental and physical challenges. And take extra precautions because during his adolescence he seems to be a mess. But with the right approach and consistent training you can train this dog to be the perfect house dog.

Curious about 5 fun facts about the boxer?

The comical Boxer
The Boxer is a real comedian. His puppy behavior stays in his system for a long time. That you bruise with this breed is no secret to boxer owners. They all mean well but the dog is extremely playful and occasionally a bit clumsy. Give your dog enough space and exercise (with consistent training) to get rid of his energy!

No free game for burglars
Boxers are not aggressive dogs, but they are real watchdogs. They are usually no barkers but their powerful appearance often says enough when a burglar bumps into your Boxer. His pack is number 1 and the Boxer will protect it with his life.

Playful with a gray muzzle
When you say Boxer, you immediately think of the character trait playful. The playful nature does not stop after their puppyhood either. They remain a playful dog into their old age.

Small demolishors

Have you already come home and seen some destroyed things? It happens more often than not that Boxers break things because they get bored. So it is your job to make sure that your Boxer always has enough entertainment when he is left alone. Build up the "alone time" at a steady pace.

Once a Boxer, always a Boxer

Boxers are contagious and affectionate dogs. If you are an owner of a Boxer yourself or if you talk to an owner of a Boxer, they will probably tell you that they never want another breed. Once a Boxer owner, always a Boxer owner.

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