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Breed in the spotlight: The Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds in Belgium and perhaps even the world, and for good reason. It is a breed that loves everything and everyone. They are extremely friendly towards people and other animals and therefore fit perfectly within a family as a pet. Curious about some interesting facts about the Labrador Retriever?

- Origin: Newfoundland
- Life expectancy: 10 to 12 years
- Character: Balanced, intelligent, gentle, social, loyal
- Weight: Bitch: 25-32 kg, male: 29-36 kg
- Height: bitch: 55-60 cm, male: 57-62 cm
- Colors: Black, chocolate brown and blond

The colorful Labrador
The official colors are blond, brown and black. In the past, mainly black Labradors were bred. Only in the 1970s did blond begin to increase in popularity. The brown color was first seen as a flaw in the breed, only later was it also considered one of the official colors of the breed. The brown Labrador has since become so popular that it is being bred at far too high a rate to meet demand. The result is that dogs with this color sometimes have more defects. The brown Labrador, for example, does not live as long as the blond or black Labrador.

The special ones
In addition to the official colors, you also have some 'speciallekes' that are not officially registered. For example, you also have the silver, red, charcoal and champagne Labrador of which the silver Labrador is the most controversial. This color is caused by a dilute gene from the brown Labrador. Such a dilute gene causes the animals to have a lighter coat. Thanks to this gene, Labradors get this special color.

The name says it all. Labradors love enormously to carry things and bring them to you. Fortunately, they are very gentle, you can even put an egg in their mouth without breaking it. But be sure to put your slippers away, because in no time your Labrador will have run off with them!

Hunting dog
Initially, the Labrador was bred to hunt game in the water. Their job was to retrieve the shot game from the water. Fortunately, they love water!

Otter Street
Did you know that the tail of a Labrador is often described as the "otter tail". Why, do you think? Well, this is because the tail has many similarities to that of an otter: broad at the start that runs to a narrow tip. It is also short-haired and the Labrador uses it while swimming to steer better. Just like an otter

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