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Breed cat in the spotlight: The Maine Coon

The Maine Coone looks very imposing and is therefore a very popular breed. This tough looking semi-longhaired cat comes in a variety of colors. They are known to be friendly, playful and very attached to their owners. They also enjoy the outdoors all too much, regardless of the weather conditions.

Curious about 5 facts about this breed?


- Origin: United States
- Life expectancy: 12 to 15 years
- Character: Loving, intelligent, affectionate, tolerant, calm
- Weight: Female: 3-6 kg, male: 6-8 kg

The legend of the Maine Coon
It is said that this breed was originally found in the North American state of Maine. Hence the first part of their name but did you know that the second part refers to raccoon (the English word for raccoon)? Legend has it that the Maine Coon was created by a cross between a raccoon and a lynx and the thick, long tail of the Maine Coon also reminds everyone of the tail of a raccoon. A lot of elements that might make you doubt but let's be clear: the legend is completely made up.

A more realistic story is that the Maine Coon probably originated because sailors brought long-haired cats with them on their trips to Maine and in this way these cats reproduced with the cats that already lived there.

Impressive cats
The Maine Coon is also part of the select group of largest cat breeds that people have as pets. The average weight of a Maine Coon male can go up to 9kg. Of a female cat, this goes up to 6kg.

Did you know that this breed also have a record to their name? The longest cat in the world is a Maine Coon, his name is Omar and he counts as 1.20 meters long.

Great love of water
This intelligent breed has a great interest in their surroundings and deal with new things very curiously. Most Maine Coons also love running water. With a drinking fountain, you will make them very happy. Their coat is water resistant and they are very good swimmers.

Surprisingly, the Maine Coon has a very soft voice while you would expect a very different sound from such an imposing cat. They squeak and twitch rather than meow. It resembles a mix of meowing and purring.

The dogs in the cat world
They are so social and love the people around them. They are known to be friendly, loyal and playful. In addition, they are great with children and other animals in the household. You can teach them tricks yourself, just like dogs!


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