Puppy food

Why Delcon is the ideal dog food for your puppy? 

Just like a baby, a puppy needs adapted dog food so that the puppy gets exactly the right balance of nutrients in his first year of life. A lot happens in their first year of life. That is why they need puppy food that contains all the nutrients to grow up in a balanced way.

With Delcon Puppy you choose for complete dog food which supports a stable growth of your dog from the start. High in proteins and fats, Delcon Puppy contains all the nutrients your new housemate needs to get through the first months of life in a healthy and balanced way and to build up the immunity system.

Our products is all locally sourced, our meat comes from freely raised and grass fed animals. We also use only the best selection of vegetables, herbs, etc.

Order puppy food online 

Customer is king, that is why we make it as easy as possible for you to buy our dog food. You have the choice of buying your dog food in a physical store or ordering your dog food online through our web shop.

Because we believe that ordering dog food online should be easy, we have made our webshop as user-friendly as possible so that the customer can order the ideal dog food.

Trial pack puppy food Delcon

At Delcon your puppy comes first. That is why we think it is important that you can try our natural puppy food without any worries first. That's why we have developed our Delcon trial pack where for the price of €12.95 you can buy 3 kg of puppy food and get a bag of Delcon dog treats in addition. Do you have a kitten running around at home too? Then we'd love to give her a present too!

Would you like to try a Delcon trial package: https://delcon.be/proefpakket/