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10 tips for a happy cat in the house!

Cats are special creatures and once you understand them well, you can make their lives a lot more fun! With these 10 tricks you can make your cat's days a little better every day!

A clean litter box

Make sure that a clean litter box is always available in a quiet place in your house. Cats are most vulnerable in the litter box and that is why you should make them feel safe. Failure to provide a clean litter box for your cat can cause your cat to lose their needs and cause physical problems.

high spots

Have you noticed that your cat is always looking for a place on top of the cupboards or fridge? This is because a cat likes to see its environment from a high place, so your cat has a clear overview of where the 'danger' can come. Provide a high scratching post or attach a piece of plank to your walls with, for example, a soft carpet in it. This way your cat can relax on its own throne in the air!

Provide an indoor jungle

Cats often love to walk past plants, play, etc. Many cat owners can confirm that a houseplant here and there dares to die with a cat nearby. NB! Several houseplants are poisonous to cats. Read all about it in this blog.

Accept your cat's character

Not every cat has the same character. One loves nothing more than to be cuddled while the other wants anything but to be picked up. It's important to respect when your cat wants your attention and when it doesn't. Even cats need a little me-time every now and then!

Some believe that you can knead a kitten in character, but usually this is not the case. The ideal way to teach your kitten desirable characteristics is to already have an adult cat in the house that already has those certain characteristics.

Leave your kitten with its mother long enough

Leave your kitten with its mother for at least 16 weeks. Also in nature, the mother only sends her kitten into nature from 16 weeks. Moreover, this only happens if there is not enough food for the kittens, otherwise they will stay with their mother for a few more weeks. If you remove the kitten earlier, you significantly increase the chance of later behavioral problems. They learn from the age of 8 weeks what it is to be a 'cat'. If you isolate a kitten at that time and do not let these things learn from another cat, you will end up with a socially less strong and very anxious cat.

Provide quiet places

A cat is independent and likes to have the freedom to go where she wants. When it becomes too busy for them in the house (because of visitors, vacuum cleaner, too loud TV, ...), make sure that your cat can quickly flee to a safe place in the house for him. Your cat will thank you!

Keep their food and toilet separate

Cats naturally do not defecate near their food for hygienic reasons. Make sure their food and water bowls are not in the same area of the litter box.

Adapted nutrition

Feed your cat food that is adapted to its needs. Within Delcon we developed ranges that contain food for the complete life cycle of your cat. Inside the Heritage gamma we have balanced and complete varieties of cat food, each rich in quality ingredients, multivitamins and essential minerals. In addition to this range, there is a second range, the Which range, focusing more closely on special needs that cats often have. Wondering which food suits your cat best? Try our productfinder from!


Cats are social animals and like to interact with other cats. Are you bringing a kitten into your home? Consider getting two from the same litter as they are already used to and bonded to each other. If you already have a cat, look for a cat that suits your cat well in terms of character. Playful cats cause stress in previous lazy cats. Or eg older cats are not immediately waiting for a playful kitten. If you do bring in a second cat, introduce them to each other gradually. And finally, make sure each cat has its own stuff!

reading body language

Finally, keep an eye on your cat's body language. Your cat will feel understood and happier. Pay close attention to how your cat behaves and you will better understand what your cat wants. Because strangely enough, your cat shows a lot through its body language, read it here everything about!

The more understanding and trust between cat and owner, the happier your cat will be!

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