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De kitten checklist: de thuiskomst

The day has FINALLY arrived! Your kitten can go home. All preparations have been made and you can start your adventure together. But beware, a move like this can be very stressful for your kitten. Here are some tips to make your kitten more at ease.

Tip 1: Give your kitten time and space
First and foremost, give your kitten time and space to get used to the new situation. Let them gradually discover each room. Only when they are completely relaxed in one room, let them discover the next room.

The first place you should let your kitten discover is their hiding place. A place where they can unwind. Cats often prefer dry, warm and comfortable hiding places such as a cardboard box with a blanket.

Extra tip: for the first few nights, place a warmth jar in their nest. This will mimic the warmth of the kitten's mother. This way the transition to 'being alone' is also a little less drastic

Tip 2: Socialization

The socialization of your kitten starts from birth. It is very important that the breeder has paid enough attention to this socialization and that the mother cat has set a good example.  The socialization will automatically continue in your home. Be consistent in the upbringing. Encourage good behavior by rewarding them and bad behavior is best learned by raising your voice or clapping your hands. Physical punishment is never the solution here, as it often makes the problem behavior worse.

Tip #3: What to do with that litter box?
The mother cat normally teaches their kitten how to use the litter box. Often you are already helped by pointing out the litter box to your kitten and putting him in it after certain moments such as after waking up, after a meal or when you see that the need is the highest.

Keep this litter box clean and empty it regularly, this is very important for your cat's health. Just make sure you use the right cleaning agent because some are toxic to cats.

Tip 4: The dreaded houseplant
Your houseplants may not be as harmless as they seem. Some houseplants can be extremely toxic to your kitten. Most cats ignore plants but your kitten still has to explore the world, even that one houseplant is oh so interesting to them. So it's best to keep it away from your kitten!

Tip 5: Letting your kitten explore the outside world
We advise you not to let your kitten outside until it is:

  • is older than 6 months
  • Has had all its vaccinations
  • Is fully accustomed to its new surroundings

When the day comes to let your kitten outside, pick a day with nice weather and stay in the neighborhood first until the kitten can find her way back home.

Extra tip: Install a cat flap. That way, your cat can choose when to take her outings.


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